The theme

Metal meshes look like skin. The skin is the most evident limit of the body, the biological barrier that protects and connects every being with its environment. Therefore the body delimitation becomes a diagram of any self and therefore implies individuality. Nevertheless, the superposition of two animals occupying the same space and time breaks the idea of separate beings and brings back the idea of system unity. No one exists without the other. Inside and outside becomes relative. As the skin doesn´t exclude, limits become confuse. The shadow helps to view the hole system.

The absence of human figure may be reflecting a certain rejection of the way taken by humanity. Because of the fact that animals are so disregarded and animal representation is considered decorative, infantile or primitive, exiled to cartoons; I found attractive the subversive use of animals to talk about human in an horizontal level. My animals are confrontations between wild and domesticated body and spirit of men. The emotional and instinctive nature subjugated to culture precepts. I use empathy that generate some animals and admiration because of their superiority comparing with human habilities, but I also use them as simple analogies. Sometimes I talk about our condition using animal figures as I could use human ones.

In my work, I shape dualities, opposites. As in ecology, each part can only be understood in the frame of the system interactions. Ecosystems, societies and individuals may have polarities that conform one or several systems: predator-prey, victim-victimizer, strong-weak, dominant-dominated, wild-domesticated, and we can oscillate between them. In some works I also criticize the way of enouncing that something is “natural” or follows a “natural law” to judge or justify a human behaviour that is in fact induced by culture. My manipulation to extract and produce meanings through animal figures interact with the baggage of many cultures: animals as symbols, archetypes, gods, energies, which are present in alegories, miths, fables, legends and in our dreams. I call this world the zoomorph mind. Can human see their spirit reflected in animals? After all, animal, animus, refer to having a soul.


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