The metal meshes

It was in 1990 when I first used this kind of material to create a sculpture. I used a piece of expanded metal found by chance in a recently builded house.

I liked the lightness and transparency of the figure opposed to what was expected for a big volume. Forms were like sketchs in the air. This gave me a new outlook for my figurative sculpture.

I found that the meshes emphasize the difference between representation and the represented object. It underlines the essence over the form, the idea over the matter, the meaning over the thing.

Volumes don´t acquire the complete weigth and opacity of materiality, they don´t hide what is behind neither what is inside, they allow superposition of forms, and complex shadows projections. I can display diverse forms superposed in a unity leading to a new meaning.
Then I began to develop some ideas experimenting and combining other meshes: mosquito screens, wire nettings, diverse wefts and woofs of different thickness.


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