Enlightening and Shadows

Because of these materials, enlightening and surfaces behind the sculpture are essential to apprettiate the forms. Counterlight is interesting too. Shadow projection adds a supplementary lecture: the abstraction of volume in a plane.

Installation of sculptures hanging in front of a translucent panel permits to see the shadow in the other side. A sculpture becomes several drawings. A volume inclosed in another volume is revealed more clarely in the shadow, like inner parts of a body in a radiography. Inclusive drawings, inclusive meanings. Movement in the sculpture produces a changing shadow like an animated drawing.

The limit between sculpture and drawing is transposed two times: first when creating a volume in a multiple sketch manner, then by producing drawings directly from the volume.

Shadows recall the socratic alegory of the cave, inteligible versus sensitive reality, escence versus matter again. Besides they can also be related to the jungean sense of enlightening and shadow. Which are the hidden parts of one self? The denied ones, projected outside, the despised, the dreadful. What is it that lies under the skin? There is an inmediate appearence but also an underlying truth.



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